Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving...more than a meal!

For these things I give thanks: a family I love, and know loves me...unconditionally. And trust me, I can have some "conditions". But not only do I love each and every one of them, they are just plain fun!
My family means laughter, and for that I give thanks.

My sister was a fabulous host..........all weekend!!!

She not only served an incredible Thanksgiving meal, but provided feasts ALL weekend, morning, noon and night. And if that wasn't enough, she modeled the latest in sleepwear! She is the best!

After dinner the women did LOTS of dishes

And put up the leftovers... while the men watched football!!
That's All Folks!!
Mary Kate asked me to come take a picture of her as she was leaving ....
"I will wave good bye and say
'see you soon for Christmas' and you take my picture"


Kristen said...

looks like so much fun!! we missed you guys this year. can't wait 'til christmas!

Nana said...

so glad you are posting again! I thought you were spending too much time on that bike of yours!!

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